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PDF Report

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PDF Report

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PDF Report

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The PDF Report window is intended to manage creating a file in PDF format with structured information from the current project.


The PDF report may include the Cover with arbitrarily placed texts and pictures, Table of contents, Tables with camera parameters, Table with camera model parameters and Table of cables, the Table with Bandwidth and storage space calculation, images from cameras, fragments of layouts with placed cameras, 3D views of camera view areas from the 3D World window, Images of pixel density patterns, images of Camera geometry, 3D Test, Monitors, Photos of camera models, summary information on cameras, footers and headers with texts and pictures, arbitrary texts (introduction, conclusion), external PDF files attached to the report, background PDF file, pages of which are drawn as a background for the Cover and report pages.


Design of the report and composition of information in the report are customizable.


The PDF report is integrated with the Table of Cameras and the Table of Camera Models. Flexible filters of the tables are used to filter and sort cameras for inclusion in the report by simple or complex conditions. Views of the tables are used to select and order camera parameters in the tables of the report.


You can save report settings to patterns, select saved pattern from the list, save report patterns to a file, and load from files.


See examples of VideoCAD10 reports:


standard report (72 megabytes);
compact report (45 megabytes);
compact report with long strings of camera parameters (27 megabytes);
report with images from cameras in real resolution up to 33 megapixels (92 megabytes);


To see the Real camera resolution, zoom-in images in Acrobat Reader. Especial interesting are Camera 3 and Camera 4.


report with day and night images of outdoor cameras (70 megabytes);
report with horizontal tables of camera parameters (52 megabytes).


See also: Getting the PDF report



The PDF Report window consists of four panels:


1. Tree


The panel displays structure of the report as a tree. Clicking on a tree node opens settings associated with this node on the Parameters panel.


2. Parameters


Panel with many tabs. The tabs contain parameters of the report grouped by sections. By changing the parameters, you can customize design and composition of information in the report. It is convenient to navigate in the parameters using the Tree tab.


3. Create/Update images


Images for the report are generated automatically and stored in * .png format in the specified directories. By marking checkboxes, you can enable creation or updating images of a certain type at the beginning of report generation. If a checkbox is unchecked, then saved images of the corresponding type will be searched to include in the report. If desired image is absent in the specified directory, then it is simply skipped.


See more: about image generation


By clicking on the Clear buttons, you can delete previously generated images.


4. Pattern


Customized report parameters can be saved to patterns. By selecting a pattern, you can restore the report parameters saved in this pattern. In the simplest case, you can just select a pattern from the default patterns and get an already customized report version.


Save - save report parameters to a pattern. If you enter name of an existing pattern, it will be rewritten. If you enter a new name, a new pattern will be created.

Del - delete the pattern selected in the list.


To file - save report patterns to a file.

From file - load report patterns from a file.


Right-clicking on the Patterns panel opens a pop-up menu with the help of which you can save patterns to a file, load patterns from a file or restore default patterns.


After opening a pattern file created on another workplace, you may need to change the directories of external files and stored images:


Leading PDF file, Trailing  PDF file
Background PDF file
Cover images
Images of pages
HTML texts
Layout drawings
Drawings of Camera groups
Camera images
Images from Monitors


With the pattern file, transfer the external files used in the pattern.


Create report button


Clicking the Create report button launches the report generation with the parameters specified on the Parameters panel. Images marked on the Create / Update images panel will be updated.


Creating a report may take time.


Open the Table of Cameras button


The PDF report is integrated with the Table of cameras. The button is placed for the convenience of calling the Table of cameras during configuring report parameters.


See also: Getting the PDF report