PDF report

 Layouts and Groups

         Camera Groups

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PDF report

 Layouts and Groups

         Camera Groups

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PDF report

 Layouts and Groups

         Camera Groups

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Camera Groups


If the Camera groups checkbox is checked, then the cameras in the report are divided into groups.


The order of the groups in the PDF report corresponds to the order of the groups in the table of the Camera groups window.




If the Drawing checkbox is checked, then drawings of horizontal projections of view areas of cameras from groups will be included in the report.


Height (%), Width (%)


Height and width of the drawings in % of the height and width of the page.




You can outline the drawings by a frame and set the color of the frame.


Special page size


Set special (enlarged) size for page with group drawings. On the page of increased size, you can place a more detailed drawing.


 Rotate page


Rotate page with the drawing on 90 degrees.


 Height, Width


Special drawing page sizes in centimeters or inches.


Drawing directory


Drawings of camera groups are stored in * .png format in the specified directory. When creating the PDF report, VideoCAD takes drawings from this directory. You can create / update the drawings in automatic or semi-automatic modes, edit, delete, replace drawings before creating the report.


When replacing or editing can not change names of image files.


Create drawings button


Start creating / updating drawings in the Drawings Directory. The drawings are generated based on images in the Graphics window. But resolution of the drawings may exceed screen resolution of Windows. The resolution of the drawings when generating is calculated from the page size (taking into account the special page size), height and width of the drawing, as well as the specified Resolution of the document. If the resolution of the drawings is too large, then the lines in the pictures become poorly distinguishable, and the texts are poorly readable.

If the resolution is too small, then the drawings contain fewer details than they could and the pixel structure of the images is viewed.


With manual adjustment


Enable manual adjustments when creating drawings of groups. Before saving each drawing, VideoCAD suggests correcting its scale and position in the red frame using the mouse. For precise scaling, hold Ctrl. To save the drawing, press Enter, to go to the next camera group, press Space bar.




In the box, you can set a factor of expansion of the drawing boundaries beyond the extreme objects when automatic selection of position and scale of the drawing.