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                 3D Video image

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PDF report



                 3D Video image

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PDF report



                 3D Video image

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Setting panel of printing images from cameras generated in the 3D Video window.




Include the images into the report. To exclude images of certain cameras - delete (rename) these images in the Image directory before creating the report.


Height (%)


Image height in % of page height. The width of the image is calculated automatically.

To correctly show the resolution of cameras in the PDF report in accordance with the specified Resolution of document, after changing the height of images, you need to update the images.


X (%)


X coordinate of the upper left corner of the images on the page in % of the page width. The box becomes available when the automatic selection of the X coordinate is disabled.


Y cor.(%)


Y coordinate of images is always calculated automatically. The value in this box allows you to adjust the automatically assigned Y coordinate up or down.


New line


Print the image from a new line even if there is enough space in the current line.


Image directory


The images are stored in * .png format in the specified directory. When creating the PDF report, VideoCAD takes images from this directory. You can create / update the images automatically, edit, delete, replace  images before creating the report.


When replacing or editing can not change names of image files.


Create images button


Start creating / updating images in the Image directory. Images are generated based on images in the 3D Video window. When the Real resolution is checked, the resolution of the images will be equal to resolution of the cameras and may exceed resolution of Windows screen. If the Real resolution checkbox is not marked, then resolution of the images during generation is calculated from the page size, height and width of the image, as well as the specified Resolution of document.




If the Titles checkbox is checked, then when generating, titles with the main image parameters will be superimposed on the images.


Real resolution


If this checkbox is checked, VideoCAD will create images with resolution equal to the camera resolution.

In this case, the resolution of the image files may exceed Windows screen resolution. In case of modeling megapixel cameras, this will take time and computer resources. With lack of resources errors may occur. In case of errors, disable this option.


Because of embedded high resolution files, the obtained PDF report file will be large.


High resolution will be visible across the entire image, but only  as a electronic PDF file, when the images are magnified on the screen. When viewing without magnification and when printing, the actual high resolution will not be visible. With real resolution of image, the picture-in-picture (PiP) function loses its meaning and is turned off, so the real resolution images cannot show the real resolution of the camera without magnification.


If the Real resolution is disabled, then resolution of the images during generation is calculated from the page size, height and width of the image, as well as the specified Resolution of document.

When setting a sufficient Resolution of document, the real camera resolution will be shown correctly when viewing the report without magnification and when printing, but only in the specified image area, in the green frame when PiP mode is on.


See also Modeling megapixel images.


Day and Night


If the Day and Night checkbox is checked, then a double image will be included in the report: for day and night time. For cameras that do not simulate illumination at night (the Scene>Night>Model Illumination checkbox is not checked), the picture for night-time will not be generated. In this way, you can manage the creation of dual images for individual cameras.