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3D Test  allows you to quickly evaluate how any 3D model from the VideoCAD library can look anywhere in space through an active camera.


After selecting 3D Test on the Toolbar, specify by clicking location of the 3D model on the layout and observe its image in the 3D Test window that opens.


Using the pop-up menu of the 3D Test window, you can select any 3D model from the library, indicate by clicking its location on the plan and evaluate how it will look.


Instead of selecting a 3D model from the library, you can choose by clicking 3D models directly on the layout.


On the Current construction parameters panel that appears at the bottom of the graphics window, you can change sizes of the test 3D model and its height above the ground.



In the 3D Test window, you can rotate and scale the test 3D model with the mouse to examine it carefully.


To rotate the model, press the left mouse button and move the cursor with the left button pressed.
To move the model, press the middle mouse button (wheel) and move the cursor with the middle button pressed.
To zoom in or out the model, rotate the mouse wheel when the cursor is over the 3D Test window.

  Pressing Ctrl decreases step of zooming.

Double click on the window starts the swaying of the model. A single left click stops the swaying.


The 3D Test window can also be freely scaled, expanded and collapsed. In any case, the expected resolution of the model and the angle. under which the model enters the frame will remain constant.


When the 3D Test window is open, the 3D Test model is displayed on the layout in a multi-colored frame, and in 3D window in the frame of the colors of the pixel density region in which the model is located.


When the 3D Test window is open, you can select any other tool for work on the Toolbar. To move the 3D Test model select 3D Test on the Toolbar or in the Main menu again.


Right-clicking on the 3D Test window opens the pop-up menu.


The 3D Test takes into account only the relative position of the camera and the test model in space and the pixel density at the location of the test model. It is assumed that the camera is pointed at the test model, the current direction of the camera optical axe does not matter. Actual picture may differ slightly. In the 3D Video window, you can get a more accurate model, but the 3D Test is faster and more convenient.

Model 3D Test, its position and dimensions are stored separately for each camera. 3D Test window can be included in the PDF report.


The 3D Test on view area bounds tool is similar to and related to the 3D Test tool, but it allows you to see how any 3D model will look at the near and far bounds of the view area of the active camera. Many of the tools in the 3D Test and 3D Test on view area bounds work synchronously.


See further: Pop-up menu of the 3D Test window