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3D World

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3D World

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3D World

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The 3D World window allows you to see the work project with cameras and view areas in three-dimensional representation. For detailed examination of the object the 3D World has special 3D tools .


Placing and editing of objects is carried out in the horizontal projection of the the Graphics window. In the 3D World you can see the result of these actions.


You can change size of the 3D World by dragging its borders by mouse.


Camera height above the zero ground in the 3D World are the sum of the installation height of the camera and the base height of the camera. Heights of constructions and 3D models are the sum of the height of the objects above the ground specified in the Graphics window and the base height of the layout to which the object belongs. These and other tools allow you to work with complex multi-level projects, use three-dimensional models of multi-storey buildings.


Like the 3D Models window, the 3D World consists of display area and panels with tools, divided into tabs:






The Tool panel is hidden by default. The panel can be opened using the button in the upper left corner. Nearby, in the upper left corner, there is a button for updating shadows from all cameras in the 3D World window and the button to return to the Front view of the scene in case you get lost in the 3D World.

If the view areas are displayed incorrectly - recalculate the shading by clicking on the button.

The Tool panel can be hidden by the button in the upper right corner of the Tool panel


Below the tabs is a line with coordinates of a point in the 3D space over which the cursor is located .

Below there is the Save and Print button, intended for export, save and print the contents of the 3D World window.


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