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3D Models


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3D Models


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On the View tab, you can change view and resolution of projection of 3D model for displaying in the Graphics area of the Graphics window. Changes may be necessary when working with 3D models- territories.


To change the projection make the necessary settings on this tab and click Save projection. Projection can be changed many times, the changes will affect on all already placed instances of the 3D model. If you need multiple instances with different properties, create a copy of the 3D model.


Click to expand
Click to expand


Faces and Edges


Checkboxes Faces and Edges allows to switch view of the 3D model in the form of faces or edges (lines). If both checkboxes are not checked the 3D model is displayed as points.




The Light slider allows you to change the light level on the layout, and a combo box located next to - the direction of light. These tools allow you to highlight dark or light areas located at different angles to the viewer.




The Incline slider allows to incline projection of the 3D model a little to make vertical details ( for example: walls) more discernible on horizontal projection.


Height cutting


The Height cutting comboboxes  allow to cut in the 3D model a horizontal layer limited from top and bottom,  draw it as a projection to display in the Graphics window.  The tool is useful to highlight the storeys in the form of projections of the 3D model while working with multi-storey buildings.


Multiply resolution


The Multiply resolution combo box allows to increase resolution of the projection of the 3D model in several times, relative to the size of the 3D Models window. Increasing the resolution may be necessary when working with 3D models-territories.


PiP (picture in picture)


The PiP checkbox allows to further increase the resolution of a separate area on the projection.


To select the area:

1. Check ​​this checkbox;

2. Specify by black frame the area on the projection ( left mouse button click in the corner of the area, move the mouse while holding the button and release the button at the other corner );

3. Click Save projection.


After that, the area on the projection of the 3D model will be displayed with higher resolution in the Graphics area. The smaller the fraction of the total size of the projection the area occupies, the more the relative increase of the resolution.


The PiP checkbox is inaccessible while the Enable navigation on the Navigation tab is checked.




The Shadows checkbox allows to consider the 3D model as an obstacles in the calculation of shadows in the 3D World and in the Graphics window regardless of the state of checkboxes Calculate shadows from 3D models in the Options box and Shadow on the Current construction parameter panel.

A 3D model with the Shadows option checked behaves like a construction that is an obstacle if its line type has checked Shadow option and it belongs to a layer with the Shadows option checked.


This checkbox should not have a mark for conventional 3D models - not a territory. Do not mark it unnecessarily.


See also:Shadows,Main menu>View>Calculate shadows for active camera, Main Menu>View>Recalculate shadows,Line type>Shadow, Layers>Shadow, Options box>Miscellaneous>Shadow, Options box>Calculate shadows from 3D models, Current construction parameter panel>3D model>Shadows, 3D Models window>Shadows, Choosing the best place for PTZ (dome) camera, Visualization of the camera control area projections and pixel density within them




The Lock checkbox makes instances of the 3D model insensitive to selection by mouse click. This option is required to work with projections of 3D models- territories in the Graphics window.

Opportunity of selection by the selection window remains.


To make 3D models will not cover cameras, check the Main Menu in the Graphics window View>Camera over constructions.


Thin lines


Mark of this checkbox increases the thickness of the thin dark lines on a light background to one pixel when displaying projection of the 3D model in the Graphics window. In most cases it improves legibility of the projection when it is scaled.


Aperture in Wall


When the 3D model touches a Wall on the layout, it automatically cuts opening in the wall. This allows to one-click embed windows and doors into walls, by placing 3D models of windows and doors over the walls.


Double-sided surfaces


The model has surfaces with different front and back sides. As a rule, models for SketchUP are double-sided, and for 3DS Max - single-sided. Models in VideoCAD up to version 9.1 are single-sided; starting from VideoCAD 9.1, single-sided, double-sided, and mixed models are supported. This option must be set correctly, otherwise distortions will appear. In most cases, the Auto position is optimal.


If on the 3D model you see surface distortions or surfaces are not completely visible, there are spots or bald spots, then try changing this option.