3D Models


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3D Models


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3D Models


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On the Model tab you can:


Control view of the loaded 3D model.
Load new 3D models from *.vcm and *.vbm files.
Delete 3D models from the library;
Build projections of 3D models to display in the Graphics window and in menus;
Save 3D models to *.vcm files;
Duplicate 3D models (make copies);
Import 3D models from files of more than 20 formats.
Distribute 3D models by hierarchy directories  for convenient access from menus.
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Projection panel


The panel is intended to create projections of the 3D model to display in the Graphics window and the menu. Without the created projections, in the menus and Graphics window instead of the 3D models  gray rectangles will be displayed.

These projections can be repeatedly re-created for new or already placed 3D models.


The order of creation projection:


1. By the Horiz. <> Vert.<> Free switch, choose which projection should be created. Firstly you should create the horizontal projection. Free projection is displayed on images in the menus. The vertical projection is used to display 3D model in the Vertical projection of the Graphics area and  in menus when the free projection was not created.


2. Then adjust resolution of the projection visually, via changing window size by mouse.


For 3D-models of objects in order to improve performance you should  chose minimally sufficient resolution.

3D-models-territories require high resolution, for its increase special tools on the View tab are offered.


If the free projection is selected, you can freely rotate and scale the model using the mouse.


       Default mouse functions


On the left mouse button the Orbit  is assigned - moving  the mouse cursor with the left button pressed rotates the 3D model in the space (or rotates the virtual viewer around the 3D model);


Function of the left button can be changed.


On the middle mouse button the Move is assigned - moving 3D model in the field of view plane;


On the rotation of the mouse wheel the Zoom tool is assigned - wheel rotation zooms in or out the point in the 3D space, where the mouse cursor is.


Pressed Ctrl reduces step of zooming;

Step and direction of zooming by turning the mouse wheel can be changed widely using Navigation>Scale factor in the Options box .


On the right mouse button the Look around Look around  is assigned  - rotates the sight direction standing the virtual viewer stationary.


Double click by the left button starts rotation of the 3D model.


Left-click stops rotation of the 3D model.


See more: Navigation.



Select the most informative view of the model. Select a scale so that the model occupies the entire window. The resolution (size) of the window for free projection is not important.


Press Ctrl for precise scaling.


3. After adjusting resolution, click the Save projection button. As a result in menus and in the Graphics area the 3D model will be displayed in the form of created projection.


The Replace projection button allows you to load any image instead of any of projection. For example Conditional graphic designation of an equipment. This picture will be displayed instead of the 3D Model projection in the Graphics window and in the menus. Teal color in the picture will be transparent.


Model panel


Load - Add new 3D model to the program library. In the appeared dialog choose a file in *.vcm or *.vbm format and click Open.


*.vbm and *.vcm files can be obtained by saving in the 3D Models window. Files in *.vcm format can be obtained by exporting from SketchUP using the free plugin.


See more: Import of 3D models


If your 3D model has textures, in the same directory where the *.vcm (*.vbm) file is opened from, a folder with textures must be. The folder should be named <model name> _textures. VideoCAD plugin for SketchUP automatically creates the folder with the textures in the directory of saving exported model.


If VideoCAD library already has a 3D model with the same name or ID, you will be prompted to add the model under a different name or ID.

Then you will see the 3D Models window, in which you can create the projection of the 3D model to display it in the Graphics window and menus. To do this click the Save projection button and close the 3D Models window. After this, icons of the 3D model will appear in menus and the 3D model can be placed in the graphics area.


Save - save the current 3D model to *.vcm or *.vbm file depending on the format of the model in the library. If your 3D model has textures, in the directory of saving *.vbm (*.vcm) file, a folder with textures named <model name> _textures will be created. In the pop-up menu of the button, you can choose to save the model in * .vbm or * .vcm format if this model is intended for older versions of VideoCAD up to 9.1.


Dupl - make a copy of the current 3D model. Copies can be useful, for example, while working with multi-storey buildings. You can create multiple copies of the 3D model of the building for each floor. For each copy make a projection at different levels and put them on different layers.


Delete - delete the current 3D model from the library. When you delete placed 3D model, all instances of this 3D model will be also deleted from the project.


Import - import a 3D model from a file.


Supported file formats


After clicking on this button select the 3D model file. After reading the file, the Import 3D Models panel appears on the left, on which you can transform the imported model, cut out a part from it, add a license plate and change the import options. If you do not need to change the model, just click OK in the Import 3D Model panel.


See more: Import of 3D model


Include in the project - Include this 3D model in the project file. The model will be available in another workplace when opening the project file.


Directories panel


The panel is intended for distribution 3D models by hierarchy directories for convenient access from menus.


List of directories - The list with full paths starting from the root directory. In the list you can choose a directory for deleting or to put in it the current 3D model.


Add - Add new directory. The name of the directory should be entered with all directories of higher levels. For example:

"cars" - new directory cars in the root directory of menus.

"cars\trucks" - new directory trucks in directory cars. If the cars directory does not exist, it will be created.


Empty directories are not visible in menus, only directories with 3D models are visible in menus.


Delete  - Delete the directory, chosen in the List of directories. Only empty directory can be deleted.


Insert model - Put the current 3D model to the directory, displayed in the List of directories.