Table of cameras

 Camera parameters

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Table of cameras

 Camera parameters

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Table of cameras

 Camera parameters

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The Table of cameras only displays camera parameters. Changing parameters is possible in other boxes of the program. Boxes for editing parameters can be called by double clicking on a cell in the Table of cameras.

Detailed descriptions of each parameter are in Help topics of corresponding boxes.


The subordinate rows in the tree structure of the first column of the table represent positions of the cameras represented by the parent rows.


Camera parameters include:


1. Basic parameters of camera:




Unique number which is assigned to camera at its creation. It can be changed in the Camera list box.




It is assigned at creation. Later it can be changed in the Camera list box or using the Camera numeration tool or by double clicking on the cell in the Table of cameras.




Layout, on which the camera is placed.




Layer to which the camera belongs.




The group to which the camera belongs.




The number of  positions of the camera. If the number is absent, then the row corresponds not to a camera, but to a position of another camera. The link can be seen in the first column of the table.




Any additional information about the camera. The information can be entered at camera creation and can be changed in the Camera list box.


2. Parameters of camera model;


Among input parameters of model in the Table of cameras there are calculation results obtained during image modeling:

Current signal/noise ratio (dB, unweighted);
Current Electronic shutter exposure (1/s);
Current AGC gain (dB);
Current lens focal length (mm);
Current angles of view;
Current aperture;
Built-in infrared illuminator


3. Camera installation parameters (Geometric parameters);


Parameters of placing camera on the layout (X, Y, Horizontal angle);
Near and far bound of the View area;
Parameters of PTZ or Fisheye cameras;
Parameters of Multisensor cameras;


4. Criteria of person detection, identification and license plate reading;


The criteria are combined into Quality levels.


5. Depth of Field and Pixel density:


Name of Pixel density pattern;
Depth-of-field parameters;


6. Parameters of 3D modeling:


Scene parameters;
Camera parameters;
Parameters of Image processing;


7. Cable parameters:


Signal cable length;
Power cable parameters.


See also: Table of cameras, Table interface, Tool bar, Pop-up menu.