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Graphics window

Main menu



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In this box a list of project layouts is displayed.


The project may contain up to 10 layouts. Originally one layout is created into project.

You can create, delete or rename any project layout. To delete the original layout and any layout with the cameras present in it is not allowed.


The layouts are separate sections of monitored object (building, room, territory and storey). A layout contains the horizontal and vertical projections locating backgrounds, cameras, illuminators, cables and constructions. Each camera can be displayed in one layout only, though the camera cables may pass through several layouts.


To choose a layout for displaying it in the graphics window and saving the introduced changes select it in the table by clicking it once and then click OK.
To delete a layout select it in the table by clicking it once and then click Delete.
To create new layout click Add.
To rename a layout double-click a line with its name in the table.
To cancel the introduced changes and layout loading click Cancel.


It is convenience to switch the layouts, create, delete, rename the layouts using the Layout tabs in the left bottom corner of the Graphics window and the pop-up menu of the tabs.


To switch promptly between layouts in the graphics window use the shortcut Ctrl+TAB.


See also: Layers.