Camera list

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Camera list

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Camera list

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 Camera list



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In the Camera list box list of cameras in the project is displayed. Active camera is highlighted by red frame. Any camera can be activated, removed, renamed, found on layouts,  it is possible to show 3D image from this camera. It is also possible to sort cameras in the list.


In the Camera list box only basic camera parameters are given. To obtain the list of all camera parameters in the project, the Table of cameras multifunctional window is used. It can be called by the Table of cameras button or by the same button on the Tool bar of the Graphics window.


To perform any manipulations with the camera first select its name in the list by clicking.


For the chosen camera, it is possible to change Additional information and the Camera icon.


Cameras are displayed by different icons, only if the Display camera type box in the Options box is marked.


To activate camera without closing the box, double click the row with camera name in the table.


It is convenient to activate any camera by double clicking on its lens on the layout or by camera's selection in the Active camera list on the Tool bar of the Graphics window. It is possible to activate cameras from the Monitor window.


To find a camera on layouts select it in the table by clicking it once and then click Find on layouts.

To show 3D image from a camera select it in the table by clicking it once and then click Show 3D.


Choosing the items of pop-up menu, which appears when clicking the camera selected in the table with the right mouse button, can perform the same actions.


Using the pop-up menu it is also possible to rename the camera and select camera model.


Choosing the item Copy to clipboard you can copy whole camera list to Windows' clipboard.  After copying you can paste the camera list to MS Word, MS Excel or other software.


You can rename the camera from the Table of cameras and rename any number of cameras simultaneously using the Numerate cameras dialog box.

To sort the cameras in the list click the Sort cameras buttons. Then will appear the buttons, by using which it is possible to move the cameras selected in the list upwards on one position, downwards, to the beginning or to the end of the list.


It is not recommended to change the order of cameras without necessity.


To activate a camera and save the introduced changes click OK.
To cancel the introduced changes and camera activation click Cancel.
To switch promptly between cameras in the graphics window use the shortcut Ctrl+Spacebar.


See also: Table of cameras, Active camera combo box