Camera model card

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Camera model card

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Camera model card

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Graphics window


 Camera model card


The Camera model card window is designed to display photos and the most important parameters of camera models. These parameters are taken from the Table of camera models and grouped for compact displaying.


The window can be opened by clicking on a cell with photo in the Table of camera models and the Table of cameras or by clicking the Camera model card.button.


When the window was called from the tables, it dynamically displays photos from selected row of the table.


The window can be called by the Camera model card button on the Toolbar of the Graphics window


If the window was opened by the button on the Toolbar, it shows the photo of the active camera model. And while the mouse cursor is over any camera in the Graphics area, in the Camera model card box the photo and the basic parameters of the model of the camera under the cursor are displayed, if a model is assigned to this camera.


When the mouse cursor moves over the drop-down list of the Model of active camera, the Camera model card opens by itself and the photo and the most important parameters of the camera model, over which the cursor is located, are displayed in it.


Using the mouse you can scale and move the image in the box, change its position, scale and move the window itself, as well as move the separator inside the window.

The size and position of the window, the position of the separator are remembered if the Keep window positions checkbox is checked. You can return the initial settings of the window using the Default window positions item.


The Camera model card has a drop-down menu for saving, loading, copying and pasting photos, text and the card as a whole image.