Camera and Illuminator

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 Camera and Illuminator

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 Camera and Illuminator

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Graphics window

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Camera and illuminator

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On this tab can be changed:


Size and line type for icons of camera and illuminator


The icon size is specified separately when displaying on the screen and when printing.


You can set any line type for a camera or illuminator during creating the camera or placing the illuminator.

The camera or illuminator will be drawn by default line type, if another line type has not been specified during creation and placing.

Later on, you can change line type using Change line type tool.


Show camera type


If the box is marked, then cameras of different types will be represented by different icons:

, ,..

In this case, camera tilt is not represented by the icons.


If the box is not marked, then all cameras will be represented by identical icons, which represent the camera tilt.




If Scalable box is checked, then cameras' (illuminators') icons are scaled with the other constructions. Size of icons is specified in meters (feet) in the Size box below.

If Scalable box is not checked, then cameras' (illuminators') icons are not scaled.  Size of icons is specified separately: on the screen in pixel - in the Size (pix) box, for printing in millimeters, - in the Size (mm) box.




Size of scalable icons in meter (foot), when the Scalable box is checked.


Transparence of projections


This combo box allows to adjust transparence of filling view area projections in the Graphics window.


See also: Transparence in the 3D World


See also: Move active camera name