Work with layers and multi-level projects

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Work with layers and multi-level projects

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Work with layers and multi-level projects

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It is convenient when the project can be divided into horizontal layers, unrelated, such as the floors of building.


But there are problems with complex organization on vertical when one camera should work on several levels. In these cases, the levels are interconnected and 2D planning is not enough. In such cases, 3D modeling can be indispensable.


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There is a project, divided into floor plans. We need to make CCTV project in which some cameras are located between floors.


Order of work


1. Open Layers box. Main menu>Drawing>Layers.


2. Click Add and add number of new layers equals to the number of levels in the project.


3. For each layer adjust Height, equals to the height of corresponded level.



4. Make active one of the layers and then place cameras and constructions on it in the usual way. Cameras and construction will be placed relative to the height of the layer.

Other layers can be hidden, gray colored, make insensitive to snap and selection or visualize by specified color.


5. Similarly, place the cameras and constructions on other layers (levels, floors), tentatively making active the corresponding layer. It is convenient to switch layers in the menu that appears when you click on the name of the active layer on the Status bar. The Status bar displays information about each object under the mouse cursor, including layer and layer height.


6. In the 3D World we can see full 3D model of our multi-level building.



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