Database of real camera models

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Database of real camera models

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Database of real camera models

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The built into VideoCAD database of popular camera models is compiled from official technical specifications (Data Sheet) provided by camera manufacturers. The parameters are copied exactly as they appear in the specifications. Particular attention is paid to the parameters that VideoCAD can model. Parameters that do not affect the simulation result are presented partially.

New databases of camera models are released regularly. You can download database updates from the website to the local model database on your computer using the Download button (model databases on on the toolbar of the All Models tab of the Table of Camera Models or using the Camera model databases on item on the Main menu of the Graphics window.


Technical specifications of cameras, on the basis of which the database is built, are not initially intended for accurate modeling. CCTVCAD Software disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy of the modeling parameters in the database. For critical cases, self-testing of cameras is necessary.

View Angle values in specifications are often not accurate enough, and sometimes erroneous. In many specifications, only one view angle is given without specifying which angle it is. In most cases, it is not indicated for which resolution and aspect ratio the given view angles are valid.

The Image Sensor Format in vidicon inches corresponds only to the approximate diagonal length without specifying the aspect ratio of the Image Sensor. Some camera specifications do not have a Image Sensor Format. The sizes of the Active area of the Image sensor are not given.

See more: Specifying active area size of the Image sensor

The Minimum Illuminance values in the specifications are not suitable for modeling because there are no conditions and measurement methods. Therefore, the result of modeling based on the minimum illumination will be incorrect. You cannot use the minimum illumination value to compare cameras from different manufacturers, different generations and different series.

See more: About camera sensitivity

The Maximum Built in Illumination Range is not an objective parameter and should be used with care. You cannot use the Maximum Built in Illumination Range to compare cameras from different manufacturers, different generations and series. Objective parameters for Built in Illumination modeling (optical power, radiation angle, real minimum illumination) are not included in the specifications.

See more: Modeling Built-in IR Illuminator

Links to technical specifications valid at the time of creation of the database are given for each of the models presented in the database.

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