CCTVCAD Software was founded in 2003. Our highly qualified experts possess considerable experience in designing and installing numbers of complex security systems.

During the work we came to a conclusion, that the present software market fails in providing specific software for designing security systems. The software we've managed to find appeared to be scarcely functional and rather expensive. Mission of our company is to close this gap.

For the present we can offer several CCTV design tools. Our purpose is to create a system of end-to-end design of security systems closely integrated into designing programs being popular all over the world. Using our programs makes your activity more efficient, which gives us a hope that our efforts might contribute to safety enforcement in our society.

Our Location

Tichaja str., 22
Perm, Russia, 614013
phone: +7(342)2378058
fax: +7(342)2378058
e-mail: info@cctvcad.com

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