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                 3D View area

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PDF report



                 3D View area

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PDF report



                 3D View area

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Setting panel of printing images of the Camera view areas in 3D generated in the 3D World window.




Include the images into the report. To exclude images of certain cameras - delete (rename) these images in the Image directory before creating the report.


Height (%), Width (%)


Image height in % of page height. Image width in % of page width.

To correctly show resolution of images in the PDF report in accordance with the specified Resolution of document, after changing the height of images, you need to update the images.


Х (%)


X coordinate of the upper left corner of the images on the page in % of the page width. The box becomes available when the automatic selection of the X coordinate is disabled.


Y cor.(%)


Y coordinate of images is always calculated automatically. The value in this box allows you to adjust the automatically assigned Y coordinate up or down.


New line


Print the image from a new line even if there is enough space in the current line.


Image directory


The images are stored in * .png format in the specified directory. When creating the PDF report, VideoCAD takes images from this directory. You can create / update the images automatically, edit, delete, replace  images before creating the report.


When replacing or editing can not change names of image files.


Create images button


Start creating / updating images in the Image directory. The images are generated based on images in the Graphics window. The resolution of the images when generating is calculated from the page size, height and width of the images, as well as the specified Resolution of the document. If the resolution of the images is too large, then the lines in the pictures become poorly distinguishable, and the texts are poorly readable.

If the resolution is too small, then the images contain fewer details than they could and the pixel structure of the images is viewed.


With manual adjustment


Images with 3D views of camera view areas can be created only with manual adjustment. VideoCAD automatically finds the desired camera and hides the other cameras. Before saving each image, you need to set the most favorable view by the mouse.


In the 3D World window, you can navigate in 3D space with a wheel mouse.


Mouse movement with left button pressed - rotates the layout around the active camera.
Mouse movement with right button pressed - changing the "look" direction.
Mouse movement with wheel pressed - moving the layout.
Rotating the wheel - approaching or moving away from an object under the cursor.


If you are lost in the 3D World, click the buttons on the Navi tab of the 3D World window.


See more: 3D World.


For precise scaling, hold Ctrl. To save the image, press Enter, to go to the next camera, press Space bar.




In the box you can set a factor of expansion of the drawing boundaries beyond the extreme points of the view area when automatic selection of position and scale of the drawing.