USB dongle

 Operating instructions for USB dongles

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USB dongle

 Operating instructions for USB dongles

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USB dongle

 Operating instructions for USB dongles

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Operating Instructions for USB Dongles


Dongle Operating and Storage Instructions

Possible problems



       Dongle Operating and Storage Instructions


1. Protect the dongle from physical damage (fall, toss, vibration, etc.), exposure to high and low temperatures, aggressive environments, high voltage; all these may cause damage to the dongle.

2. Do not press too hard when connecting the dongle to the computer.

3. Do not expose the dongle (especially its connectors) to dust, dirt, damp, etc. In case dirt gets into the dongle connectors arrange for their cleaning. Use a dry cloth to clean the case and connectors. Never use organic solvents.

4. Do not disassemble the dongle. This may cause damage of the dongle's case, printed wiring elements, and consequently lead to unstable functioning or failure of the  hardware.

5. In case of failure or improper functioning of the dongle, contact us.


Note: For stable functioning of the dongle it is required to use dongle driver.

A set of drivers for various operating systems is supplied together with the VideoCAD.

The driver is installed automatically during VideoCAD installation.

To install or reinstall driver manually choose All programs>VideoCAD>Dongle driver. Then choose Install driver or Uninstall driver.


       Possible problems


In case of any problems with USB dongle, first of all, do the following:

1. Stop VideoCAD, if it is running.

2. Disconnect the dongle from the USB port.

3. Reinstall dongle driver.

3.1 Enter under LOCAL administrative account. No Domain account!

3.2 Choose Start>All programs>VideoCAD11>Dongle driver

3.3 In the appeared box choose Install driver.

4. Connect the dongle to the USB port then start VideoCAD.


If these actions don't solve your problem, try to install VideoCAD, dongle driver and the dongle on other computer according to the instructions.


Possible reason of problems is connected to installed dongle emulators for other software.




The USB dongle is a material carrier of the VideoCAD license. In case of losing the dongle the license is considered lost too.


In case of dongle failure during one year after purchasing and the dongle has no any physical damage marks, the Dongle can be exchanged free-of-charge.

In case of failure later than in one year after purchasing or the Dongle has physical damage marks, the Dongle also can be exchanged, but after payment for the new Dongle and its delivery.

In any case sending the new Dongle can be performed only after receiving the broken one.