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 Supported HTML tags

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 Supported HTML tags

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 Supported HTML tags

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When processing HTML texts, a limited set of tags is recognized.


See also: Cover>Multiline/HTML texts, Pages>Multiline/HTML texts, HTML texts.



<br> to break onto a new line

<b> or <strong> for bold

<i> or <em> for italics

<sup> and <sub> for superscript/subscript.

<u> for underline

<u style="double"> for double underline

<u style="strikeout"> for strikeout (a line drawn through the text)

<u style="over"> for a line drawn above the text

<p align="left"> for left aligned paragraphs

<p align="center"> for centered paragraphs

<p align="justified"> for justified paragraphs

<ul>, <ol> and <li> for ordered/unordered lists










<span background="__" roundback="yes/no">


The font size can be specified as a standard HTML size, or a point size such as "11.5pt",

the outline width must be specified in points, for example "1.5pt".

Text and background colors can be specified in RGB using the standard HTML

hexadecimal notation, for example "#3A498C". CMYK colors can be specified using eight

hexadecimal values and omitting the #, for example "5C238F02".

If the roundback attribute is "yes", the background rectangles will be drawn with rounded