Modeling Thermal cameras

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Modeling Thermal cameras

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Modeling Thermal cameras

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Thermal cameras are modeled in VideoCAD as black and white cameras. The target temperature difference is not modeled in VideoCAD12.


Modeling of thermal cameras has the following features:


1. Instead of the sensor size, you can set the distance between pixels in micrometers. For example, 17mcm. From this distance and the resolution of the sensor, VideoCAD will calculate the size of the sensor.


2. In parameters of thermal cameras, the resolution of the sensor and the number of pixels of the output image are given, which, as a rule, exceeds the resolution of the sensor.  The resolution of the sensor determines the resolution of the thermal camera. The sensor resolution remains the same in all modes of the thermal camera. The number of output image pixels can be changed in the thermal camera settings.


The resolution of a Thermal image sensor is set in the same way as the resolution of a Image sensor of conventional cameras. The number of pixels of the output image, regardless of the Image sensor resolution, can be set on the Processing tab of the Image Parameters Panel with the Image size parameter.


3. To model boundaries of detection and identification of a person and a car based on the pixel density of thermal cameras, VideoCAD has special patterns based on the Johnson criteria for a person and a car: Johnson criteria for thermal cameras in Axis interpretation.