Choice of luminaire power and location

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Choice of luminaire power and location

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Choice of luminaire power and location

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See before: Illuminator calculation, Examples of illuminator calculations.




As a result of camera model selection according to the known scene illumination it is determined that the illumination is insufficient for obtaining image with required quality. Additional illumination is necessary.




1. Create illuminator by clicking the Illuminator button.


2. In the Illuminator calculation box specify illuminator parameters according to the parameters of available illuminator model.


See. Examples of luminaire calculation.


3. Place the illuminator on the scene. On the Current construction parameter panel specify height of illuminator installation and inclination angle.


4. Switch on the illumination modeling and illuminators on the Scene tab of the Image parameter panel. Then control image from the camera in the 3D Video. Enable Image processing if it is disabled.


For accurate image modeling the camera parameters should be specified.


5. If necessary create, adjust and place additional illuminators.



For one camera no more than 7 illuminators could be switched on simultaneously ( including built-in IR illuminator). Switched on illuminators are saved in camera parameters, therefore it is possible to switch on and switch off different illuminators for each camera.

You can switch on/off all selected illuminators simultaneously using the Main menu or the menu appeared by right clicking. If there are selected illuminators, in the menu the following items appear: Switch on illuminators and Switch off illuminators.


It is recommended to carry out verification with 3D model of a black man.


It is recommended to set maintenance factor.


External link: "The principles of CCTV design in VideoCAD. Part 4. Illumination and camera sensitivity in CCTV"(*.pdf) .