Person detection area size box

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Person detection area size box

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Person detection area size box

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 Person detection area

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The box displays an approximate view and sizes of person detection area projection.


The projection is calculated according to person detection criteria attached to a quality level assigned to camera. The criteria can be edited in a criteria-editing box of person detection area.


The person detection area projection unlike the other areas' projections is calculated on a condition of person getting in the area at any height within the specified range. For instance, the presence of a person's leg or head in the area is enough to detect the person.


If there are no numerical values in the box, then the person detection area projection is missing.

The missing projection of detection area implies the failure of capacity to detect at all points of view area, e.g. a camera is looking upwards from the height greater than the upper bound of detection area.


This tool doesn't take into account rotation of camera around its axis, shadows and lens distortion.


See also: Recommendations on the program use, Criteria editing box of person detection area, Pixel density.

External link: "The principles of CCTV design in VideoCAD. Part 2. Person detection area, person identification area, license plate reading area. Pixel density."(*.pdf) .