Need a help, Person identification area does not exist

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Need a help, Person identification area does not exist

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I have used the example project and added a new camera ( no.19) based on the model TK-C925E-4mm allready in the cameralist !
i Have placed it on the project between the yellow truck and the blue car to the right with focus on the truck . I have placed a large man in front of the back of the truck and want to display the
Person identification Area so i can see how i works...

When i click on the Person Identification area box i the menu I dont get any numbers and allso no box displayed on the project !!!What have i done wrong ?


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Re: Need a help

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Hello, MaxP

Person identification area is calculated according to several criteria. These criteria include Minimal vertical size of face image (pixel), height range and angle. If there is no displayed person identification area on the layout then there is no area satisfies all these criteria.
To sort out which criterion is not satisfied please read detailed description of these criteria. ... orkzop.htm ... _part2.pdf

I can help you if you send me your project file.

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