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Make use of GPU

Posted: 24 Oct 2019, 14:55
by Antoine E
Would it be possible to make use of the GPU. I notice that my machine gets really busy while creation 3D plans. Accoring to windows only the CPU is being used.

Re: Make use of GPU

Posted: 24 Oct 2019, 16:11
by admin
On my PC the Task Manager shows that GPU is used by VideoCAD during generating 3D images in the 3D World or 3D Video windows.

VideoCAD has not such hight 3D performance as 3D games, but the performance is enought for practical CCTV design tasks. May be so many complicated 3D models on the layout are not necessary? You can also place complicated 3D models on a separated layer, disable the layer during design work and enable the layer only during generating output images.
Also disable unnecessary image processing tools then you need not them. Try to choose 3D Video window main menu> Speed>Disable image processing.
See also Program speed ans system requirements

Re: Make use of GPU

Posted: 02 Jun 2021, 05:45
by Support
VideoCAD 11 Professional uses resources of the video card much more. As a result, the drawing speed in the 3D World and 3D Video windows has been increased up to 50-100 times depending on the scene and the capabilities of the video card. Acceleration allows you to use more beautiful 3D models of objects and more complex 3D models of territories. Working with VideoCAD in 3D has become more comfortable.

It also allows to accelerate drawing of 3D camera view areas and coverages in the 3D World window, show coverages of many cameras and gradient coverage.

Models of images taking into account lens distortion in the 3D Video window are now displayed without loss of resolution and much faster.

OpenGL 3.0 support is now required. The most of modern video cards are suitable.

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