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unable to install software for DONGLE

Posted: 29 Jul 2009, 01:16
by peckcw
Hi, one of my engineers is unable to install the software for the DONGLE.

Please advise.

Re: unable to install software for DONGLE

Posted: 08 Aug 2009, 06:49
by Support
Your engineer should read installation instructions in the ReadMe.txt file in archive. It is necessary to install dongle driver before first dongle connecting.

In case of any problems with USB dongle, first of all, do the following:
1. Stop VideoCAD, is it is running.
2. Disconnect the dongle from the USB port.
3. Reinstall the USB driver.
3.1 Choose Start>All programs>VideoCAD6>Dongle driver
3.2 In the appeared box choose Install driver.
4. Connect the dongle to the USB port then follow the instructions in ReadMe.txt file.
If these actions don't solve your problem, try to install VideoCAD, dongle driver and the dongle on other computer according to the instructions.
Possible reason of problems is connected to installed dongle emulators for other software.

Our dongles have one year warranty.
In case of dongle failure during one year after purchasing and the dongle doesn't have any physical damage marks, the Dongle will be exchanged free-of-charge.
In case of failure later than in one year after purchasing or the Dongle has physical damage marks, the Dongle also can be exchanged, but after payment for the new Dongle and its delivery.
In all cases sending the new Dongle can be processing only after receiving the broken one.

Re: unable to install software for DONGLE

Posted: 14 Feb 2022, 16:15
by Support
VideoCAD Professional 11.1 is released with a new activation system without USB dongle. New VideoCAD Professional licenses are now supplied only with a registration code. USB dongle is not required, but licenses with dongles will be supported too. Low cost one-year licenses are now available for purchase. For existing users, we offer several upgrade options.

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