Can not import autocad file ?

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Can not import autocad file ?

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I want to import a autocad file 3d into videocad 8 but the program is always tied up?
can someone give me a few tips.
the original file dwg is 2018 but i convert it to 2013 file it did not work?

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Re: Can not import autocad file ?

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VideoCAD can import 2D AutoCAD files as a background for placing cameras and constructions. It is a basic working method. Please see CCTV design with VideoCAD. Loading background.
However VideoCAD is not AutoCAD it cannot open all AutoCAD files as well as AutoCAD. Some complicated AutoCAD files cannot be opened, some files produce error messages, some files can be imported but cannot be exported to AutoCAD format with other VideoCAD constructions and cameras. Here are several topics about problems with specific AutoCAD files.
If your 2D AutoCAD file cannot be imported try to simplify it. Create a new AutoCAD file in AutoCAD and copy on it only constructions needed for CCTV design.

Generally 3D AutoCAD files cannot be imported directly. Some 3D files can be imported as 2D, but they will look as a 2D background.
To import 3D file to VideoCAD 3D model please first of all open/import it in SketchUP. Then you will be able to export it to VideoCAD 3D model format using free plugin. See more. Import 3D models and scenes from SketchUp and Autodesk 3ds Max , SketchUP 2017 patch

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