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CCTV Camera Database in VideoCAD ( Pelco IPSXME-136-7X)

Posted: 08 Nov 2017, 16:22
by Ananthram
We are a telecom FEED and Integrator in Oman. In one of our project having part of CCTV Coverage Study in 3D modeling where the client had given PDMS file in .nwd format and the model of the camera is Pelco IPSXME-136-7X. By default, this model database is not available in your CCTV Video CAD software.

We have tried with the product vendor to get this model database file to upload in CCTV Video CAD software, but they are not aware about this database and asked us to get it from JVSG.Com

Also for 3D modeling design, in your software no option provided to feed these detail by manually.

We are helpless, please suggest and support.

Thank & Regards,

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Re: CCTV Camera Pelco IPSXME-136-7X Database

Posted: 10 Nov 2017, 08:51
by Support
VideoCAD does not support a "Database of all cameras of the World" because we consider it is a senseless marketing tool. This database has only marketing purpose to attract unskilled persons who trust in a "database of all cameras" and "possibility of quality intuitive CCTV design without knowledge".

In the existing "Database of all cameras of the World" only four camera parameters are modeled. They are copied from manufacturer's specifications:

1. Lens focal length.
2. Image sensor format (not sensor actual size!).
3. Number of pixels.
4. Aspect ratio

Other camera parameters (light sensitivity, lens distortion, frame rates etc.) do not represent in such databases or their values are wrong or incomplete. Moreover other parameters can not be modeled by other CCTV design software except VideoCAD Professional.

At the same time, size (and aspect ratio) of active area of image sensor and number of pixels can be different in different modes of the same camera. The same camera can have different lenses. Frequently one camera model has many modifications with different image sensors (different sizes, different numbers of pixels, light sensitivity...). Parameters of these modifications differ significantly.
Lens distortion, lens resolution, light sensitivity and many other important parameters are not represented in manufacturer's specification or their values are wrong and overstated.

Such database ignores many features of a camera important for specific tasks. You can find description of them only in manufacturer's specifications. In real camera modeling such database brings a lot of errors. In many cases loading a camera data from the database will produce wrong result of modeling.

Such database could have a value only in case of laboratory testing all models in the database taking into account all camera modes. But it is very complicated. We tested cameras in our lab in the past and offer special tool for testing. Nobody tests all cameras.

Without testing it is a profanation. This profanation is convenient for camera sellers and irresponsible CCTV design software developer therefore it is widely advertised and intruded.

But VideoCAD is a serious tool and does not support profanations.

Therefore VideoCAD supports a camera database (with tens of realy modellable parameters!) but offers the customers to fill it independently, with understanding, taking into account actual setting of the camera in the project.

You need not the "Database of all cameras of the World" to model cameras in VideoCAD. If you copy from the camera manufacturer's specification only four parameters:

1. lens focal length (2.8mm,4mm, 6mm etc. ).
2. image sensor format (1/3", 1/2" etc.)
3. number of pixels on horizontal and vertical (1280*720,1280*960, 1920*1080 etc.)
4. aspect ratio (4:3, 16:9, 19:10 etc.)
- you will get the same result as from such database, but taking into account actual camera mode and you will avoid errors of the database. To model varifocal and ZOOM lenses you may enter Min and Max lens focal lengths.
You must know these parameters of cameras. You can read about them in VideoCAD Help
Lens focal length, Image sensor format, Aspect ratio
Number of pixels

With VideoCAD you can model much more camera parameters according to your need, including parameters absent in manufacturer's specification; Even the four basic parameters of cameras can be modeled more accurately. But you need better understanding. You must understand camera parameters and be able to read camera manufacturer's specification. Understanding is the first that you need for quality CCTV design. Your project is only your responsibility as well as design tools and cameras you choose.
Ananthram wrote: Also for 3D modeling design, in your software no option provided to feed these detail by manually.
Please see Table of Camera Models in the Help system

Re: CCTV Camera Database in VideoCAD ( Pelco IPSXME-136-7X)

Posted: 08 Apr 2019, 05:35
by Support
In VideoCAD 9, we have added important tools that make using the Camera model database quite useful. These are the List / Range of Lens focal length and the List of resolutions strings.
These strings can be composed of parameters of camera models available in the manufacturers specifications. Then these strings can be assigned to camera models in VideoCAD. If the correct List / Range and List of resolution are specified in the camera model parameters, the user only needs to select the camera model, lens focal length and resolution in pixels from the drop-down lists to get an accurate view area model taking into account the lens distortion and the dependence of the size of the active area of the image sensor on the selected resolution.

The Table of Camera Models has been improved, many useful tool added.

PTZ cameras, Fisheye cameras, Multisensor cameras, Cameras with built-in IR illuminator can be modeled correctly.

We also added into the Table of Camera Models default sets of visible camera parameters (Views). The NORMAL view contains parameters available in specifications of most responsible manufacturers. The NORMAL view is recommended to use by manufacturers and distributors for filling the database of camera models for VideoCAD.

We also released a detailed manual for camera manufacturers and distributors Import of camera models to VideoCAD using MS EXCEL. The manual contains step-by-step instructions how to import a large number of camera models at once and create a database file of camera models for VideoCAD.

Thus, from our side we have created all conditions for independent creation of useful databases of camera models by manufacturers interested in convenience of choosing their cameras and having reliable parameters in their specifications which can be used for accurate modeling.

Now, if you want to have a database of camera model parameters for VideoCAD - please contact your distributors.

Re: CCTV Camera Database in VideoCAD ( Pelco IPSXME-136-7X)

Posted: 25 Sep 2022, 15:02
by Support
VideoCAD Professional 12 is released with a web-updated database of real camera models from well-known manufacturers.

VideoCAD 12 is adapted to modeling all types of modern cameras according to their specifications. Many improvements and additions have been made and bugs have been fixed in working with camera models.

What is new in VideoCAD