Test image adding

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Test image adding

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Would change default test mage in Pixel Box by a new one but encountered some troubles.
After selecting the file on computer, image visualization windows stay grey (nothing appears). Image is a 24Mpx (6000x4000).
Is there a size limitation on image that can be added?


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Re: Test image adding

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There is no special limit of the size of test images. However, in practice, all parameters have limits.
By default, test images of about 1MP are used, which is enough to visualize pixel density up to 1000pixels/meter for a model of 1 meter size and more pixel density for a smaller model. You can visualize even more pixel density for 1 meter model but with a little blurring.

Large test images will cause the program to slow down as the test images are rescaled into pixel density tables on the fly. Probably 24MP is a very excessive resolution.
Try using a smaller test image size. You can reduce the size directly in VideoCAD.

See more details

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