A new manual Import of Camera Models to VideoCAD using MS EXCEL has been released

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A new manual Import of Camera Models to VideoCAD using MS EXCEL has been released

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A new manual Import of camera models to VideoCAD using MS EXCEL has been released. This manual can be useful for manufacturers and distributors who want to make convenient for VideoCAD users to choose cameras manufactured or promoted by them.

In VideoCAD 9 Professional, we have added important tools that make using the Camera model database quite useful. These are the List / Range of Lens focal length and the List of resolutions strings.
These strings can be composed of parameters of camera models available in the manufacturers specifications. Then these strings can be assigned to camera models in VideoCAD. If the correct List / Range and List of resolution are specified in the camera model parameters, the user only needs to select the camera model, lens focal length and resolution in pixels from the drop-down lists to get an accurate view area model taking into account the lens distortion and the dependence of the size of the active area of the image sensor on the selected resolution.

The Table of Camera Models has been improved, many useful tool added.

PTZ cameras, Fisheye cameras, Multisensor cameras, Cameras with built-in IR illuminator can be modeled correctly.

We also added into the Table of Camera Models default sets of visible camera parameters (Views). The NORMAL view contains parameters available in specifications of most responsible manufacturers. The NORMAL view is recommended to use by manufacturers and distributors for filling the database of camera models for VideoCAD.

And now we release a detailed manual for camera manufacturers and distributors Import of camera models to VideoCAD using MS EXCEL. The manual contains step-by-step instructions how to import a large number of camera models at once and create a database file of camera models for VideoCAD.

Thus, from our side we have created all conditions for independent creation of useful databases of camera models by manufacturers interested in convenience of choosing their cameras and having reliable parameters in their specifications which can be used for accurate modeling.

Now, if you want to have a database of camera model parameters for VideoCAD - please contact your distributors.

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