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by zeeshan ahmed attari
30 Mar 2009, 11:12
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Dear sir, i m new user of videocad so which version of videocad should i purchase, videocad 6 or videocad lite 6 and which protection should i purchase HID or Dongle.please advice me so that i could purchase with discount offer. Thanking you ZEESHAN AHMED
by zeeshan ahmed attari
09 Mar 2009, 08:34
Forum: Camera parameters and testing
Topic: videocad institute
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videocad institute

i want to learn videocad from any institute, Please tell me the name of those institute who are teaching videocad.
or if you have any video tutorial so please inform me .
by zeeshan ahmed attari
09 Mar 2009, 06:47
Forum: CCTV design with VideoCAD
Topic: Constructing and building
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Re: Constructing and building

Thanks alot for the response!! So that means that I wouldnt be able to import a drawing from software like autoCAd correct?? Jut makeing sure. Thanks. I want to ask that i create all 3d of my project for example wall window table etc on Autocad or 3d max ,can i open this project on video cad and sh...