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CCTV Lens Calculator is a free useful Lens Calculator for CCTV design. Along with the traditional feature of many Lens Calculators - calculation of the angle of view and field-of-view size depending on the distance and the Lens focal length, this CCTV Lens Calculator offers several new, more effective tools.



CCTV Lens Calculator will help you:

  • Choose the most suitable lenses, heights and locations for camera installation to provide required parameters of view areas.
  • Calculate the horizontal projection sizes of view areas to draw them on the location plan.
  • The calculation of the projections is performed in 3D coordinate system, depending on parameters and height of the camera, required range of heights and the maximum distance of video surveillance. It is convenient to use the resulting projection to draw them on the location plan during CCTV design in any graphics program.
  • CCTV Lens Calculator can correctly calculate all possible camera positions not only the standard one.
  • Calculate values of pixel density (spatial resolution) at specified distances for panoramic (fish-eye) cameras.

  • Choose optimal camera resolution for any specific tasks.
  • Calculate distances from the camera up to which the specified criteria of pixel density (spatial resolution) and field-of-view size are satisfied. It is convenient to mark these distances on the obtained projections during CCTV design in any graphics program. The default values of these criteria of pixel density correspond to the five regions according to the CCTV Operational Requirements Manual 2009: Monitor and Control, Detect, Observe, Recognize, Identify.
  • Calculate values of pixel density and field-of-view size at specified distances from the camera.

  • Visually, using automatically scalable pictures, estimate details of images of various objects at specified distances from the camera or with specified values of pixel density. CCTV Lens Calculator contains photos and models of people and a car with license plate. You can add your own pictures.
  • CCTV Lens Calculator allows to model images from megapixel cameras, up to hundred of megapixels using PiP (Picture in Picture) technology.
  • CCTV Design Lens Calculator allows to model images from panoramic (fish-eye) cameras.
  • The Lens Calculator has Digital ZOOM tool for more accurate estimation of resolution.
  • CCTV Lens Calculator allows to export the results of calculation and models of images as screenshots in formats *. bmp, *. jpg, *. gif, *. tiff, *. png. You can also copy the results and images to the clipboard.
  • CCTV Lens Calculator can operate metric (meters) and imperial (foot) measurement systems.
  • Tools of CCTV Design Lens Calculator are based on VideoCAD CCTV Design Software.


CCTV Design Lens Calculator calculates the pixel density by a simplified way, along the main optical axis of the camera. Height of the camera, camera tilt angle and height of measurements of the pixel density are not taken into account. These parameters are used only for calculating view area projections.

When modeling resolution only the number of pixels is taken into account. Other factors affecting the detail of object images (compression, lens resolution, contrast, noise, etc.) are not counted. Thus, the models demonstrate the maximum possible image detail of an object with the specified pixel density. The real image of the object may be less detailed.

In modeling pixel density using pictures, the simulated pixel density can not exceed the pixel density of the pictures.

CCTV Design Lens Calculatot does not take into account lens distortion (except panoramic cameras with fish eye lens).

When calculating pixel density and modeling images from panoramic cameras, it is assumed that the fish-eye lens has ideal barrel distortion, even distribution of pixels on the field of view in the form of hemisphere and angle of view of 180 degrees.

If necessary, you may consider some of nonregistering factors using corrective factors, or use much more powerful CCTV design software - VideoCAD.


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