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 Line type panel

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Pop up panels

 Line type panel

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Pop up panels

 Line type panel

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The panel is designed for choosing line types and displaying parameters of the current line type.

The panel appears automatically in the bottom of the graphics area when clicking the construction buttons, when choosing the correspondent menu items or when editing constructions.


The panel hides automatically in other modes. You can hide the panel by choosing the Hide panel item in the pop-up menu appearing when right clicking the panel.


The panel contains the following items:


Line type number box
Line type name box


Choosing values in these boxes changes the current line type.


As a result of changing line type of a construction using this tool, the minimum and maximum heights will be returned to values set in parameters of the new line type.

For changing a line type without changing heights, use Change line type tool.



When drawing a Double line Wall or Aperture in Wall, in the right part of line type panel appear additional elements:

Box in which it is possible to choose or enter from the keyboard the width of the double line (wall or aperture).
Two buttons allow switching the orientation of the second line relatively to the first one.

You can also switch the orientation quickly with the help of the Space bar.


Other items display parameters of the chosen line type. The parameters can be changed in the options box launched by double-clicking the line type panel or by choosing the item Edit line type in the pop-up menu which appears when right clicking the panel.