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Video analyzer

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Video analyzer allows measuring by live video on the computer screen:

Instant brightness at the point under the mouse cursor;
Image frequency (fields per second) under the mouse cursor;
Average brightness of specified number of fields at the point under the mouse cursor;
Root-mean-square noise amplitude by specified number of fields at the point under the mouse cursor.
Signal to noise ratio of static images or live video on the monitor (Signal/noise tab).


Live video could be obtained using any PC-based video capture system, IP camera software or by viewing video recordings.


Video analyzer could be used in many measurements, for example:


Measuring camera sensitivity
Calibration of filters and lenses for measuring camera sensitivity;
Measuring spectral efficiency factors of light sources;
Measuring frame rate, maximum signal/noise ratio and etc.


To measure signal/noise ratio in measuring sensitivity you can also use the Image analyzer, which in measuring noise, analyzes multitude of pixels and has special tab for measuring signal/noise ratio.


See more: One pixel test, Signal/noise