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Image analyzer

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Image Analyzer utility is intended to analyze video images in *.bmp or *.jpg formats.


Image Analyzer allows to:


building brightness histogram;
change brightness, contrast, gamma, saturation, sharpness and compression;
calculate image file size at different compression levels;
change image size;
measure signal/noise ratio;
measure brightness and brightness amplitude;
measure size and contrast of an object relative to background;
analyze certain lines of an image similarly to oscilloscope, measure image resolution.


By analyzing saved images using this tool it's possible to determine sensitivity and resolution of a real camera for precise modeling in VideoCAD.

Analysis of real images, obtained from video surveillance systems, can be also useful in estimating the correspondence of the video surveillance systems to the certain requirements, video surveillance systems adjustment and in many other cases.



Analyzer tools are in the tabs in the left part of the window. To make the tools available, it is necessary to load an image by clicking the Load button and choosing image file.

To reload image after changing its parameters, click Refresh.


To save changed image click Save.


In using special test charts, the Image analyzer can be used for measuring parameters of digital cameras and other devices for image registration.


See more: Histogram, Processing, Signal/noise, Size and contrast of an object, TV lines.