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Demo registration

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After first installation CCTVCAD Lab Toolkit has only Demo registration.

Demo registration allows you to evaluate CCTVCAD Lab Toolkit.

You may use the demo registration to evaluate CCTVCAD Lab Toolkit for 30 days and no more 30 runs. After this time you must either buy the license to use the CCTVCAD Lab Toolkit permanently or delete the CCTVCAD Lab Toolkit from your hard drive.


With Demo registration you can't use CCTVCAD Lab Toolkit for any purpose except the evaluation.


Demo registration has the following restrictions:

 Image Analyzer: image size no more than 640*480 pix, measuring signal/noise ratio with 5dB accuracy.

 Video Analyzer: pixel count no more than 50, Cycle mode is disabled, measuring signal/noise ratio with 5dB accuracy.

 Spectrum Analyzer: wavelength within 300-750nm, adding new image sensor is disabled, calculation of infrared illuminators is disabled.



Don't use Demo registration in real work! Random errors may appear in the calculation results.