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Spectrum analyzer

Additional features

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Overlaying additional elements on the curve


Adding Image sensor


Overlaying additional elements on the curve


Additional elements do not influence calculation and are intended only for better understanding and visualization.

To overlay grid click the Grid button.


To overlay spectral sensitivity curve of image sensor selected in the Image sensor type box, click Spectral sensitivity.


Curve color could be selected in the Curve color combo box.


To overlay human eye spectral sensitivity curve and coinciding with it the luxmeter sensitivity, click Eye sensitivity.


To overlay incandescent lamp spectral power distribution curve, click Incandescent lamp. In the appeared box enter color temperature.


Color temperature of the most incandescent lamps at nominal supply voltage is in the range of 2700-2900K.


Adding Image sensor


In the Image sensor type list there are image sensor types used in CCTV. However, it can be needed to calculate spectral efficiency for an image sensor, which is absent in the list.

To add new image sensor, the spectral sensitivity curve is needed. This curve can be found in manufacturer's documentation or in special literature.


Order of work:


Prepare the curve similar to the lamp spectral power distribution curve.


Load the curve, specify wavelength boundaries and draw out the curve, click Calculate. Do the same as in calculation of lamp spectral efficiency.


Just after it, rename the file temp.spt to the file with the image sensor name and extension *.spd. The file is in the directory: ...My documents/CCTVCAD Lab Toolkit/SPD/temp.spt.

Put obtained  *.spd file to a directory  ../CCTVCAD Lab Toolkit/SPD/ in CCTVCAD Lab Toolkit installation directory.


Close and open once again Spectrum analyzer.


As a result in the Image sensor type list the new image sensor type will appear.


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