Remote, independent CCTV. I am seeking your help.

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Remote, independent CCTV. I am seeking your help.

Post by miyabhai101 » 30 Dec 2019, 15:19

Hi Guys. I am seeking your help as you are probably the best people to ask. I am loking for the cheapest solution possible (it will be a one-off action). I need to make a recording of a structure (how it behaves) over a few months. The location is fairly remote so I will have to use a hard drive and there will be no daily access. There can be some reception but most likely only 2G. It will have to be real-time recording but can be done with some intervals, like for example 10 of recording minutes every hour or so.
Here are the constraints:
Battery operated but should work as long as possible (batteries or powerbanks) without replacing batteries (cheap solar panel?)
Camera must be weather-proof
It would be ideal if I could get notification that the battery is weak or about recordings being in progress or even current status.

Size does not matter too much. I can use an installation box and put everytnig in it. Let me know if there is something I need to consider. I appreciate your help.

I have no idea if there are out of the box solutions available or I need to build one.

Thank you!

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