Hello, everyone

Any CCTV questions, CCTV equipment, cameras, lenses, transmitters, PTZ, IP CCTV hardware and software, etc.

Hello, everyone

Postby aony CCTV » 11 Apr 2009, 02:27

I am the new one in this forum, my name is Rain Lee from China!
Hope to make friends with everyone.

My msn address: rainy_lee@live.cn ( please write down your a little information when adding me so that i can indetify you easily)

Ahahaha, :lol:

Best Regards to everyone !

Rain Lee

aony CCTV
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Re: Hello, everyone

Postby rachaelbrian » 01 Apr 2010, 14:56

Hello Friends,
I'm a newbie to this Forum.My exams are over, getting bored sitting at home.Forum Posting and Music are my favorite hobbies other than Reading....While surfing net I came across this site, its really interesting and got to knew about many new things....
Just stopped by to say HI....It is great to be a part of you all.
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Hi cctvcad.com :)

Postby DebraFarley » 01 Dec 2010, 08:26

Hi cctvcad.com

Just wanted to introduce myself to you guys!

Debra from good old Bedworth

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Hello all!

Postby jhonnysentry » 03 May 2011, 06:03

Hi everyone, I am Jhonny Sentry , a brand new member in this community. I'd love to learn new things and make friends with you! ;)
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Re: Hello, everyone

Postby maska2611 » 01 Aug 2013, 12:54

Hi all :)
Im new here, but not new with videocad :)
Nice to meet new people :)
Best for every1:)
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